How to present your corporate culture through video?


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88% of millennials are expressing a need to feel connected to their company's culture according to a LinkHumans study.

This issue has even become a crucial stake in internal communication in order to federate but also to involve collaborators around a common project. Are you wondering how you can communicate your corporate culture through video?

Discover the different approaches and the best tips to create THE video that will engage all your collaborators!


Approach n°1 : The corporate video

Approach n°2 : News video

Approach n°3: Humanize the corporate culture

Approach n°4 : Transmit the company's core values

Approach n°5 : Embody the company's guidelines

Approach n°6 : Onboarding video to welcome new collaborators

Approach n°7 : The event video

Approach n°1 : The corporate video

Video is perfect for presenting your corporate culture and values in a concrete way.


Establishing a corporate culture has become essential to stand out from the competition and to retain talent by creating a sense of loyalty - it is even a real competitive advantage.

For a genuine cohesion, it is important to express it to your collaborators through a corporate video that focuses on the habits, the essence but also the history of your company.

And there are many possibilities: from the most classic film to the most disruptive, and from the "one-shot" to a series of short videos... We recommend impactful contents with authentic storytelling that reflects your company's image. We can guarantee that your collaborators will be begging for more!



Approach n°2 : News video

To promote a common culture, share the latest news about your company!


Is it more convincing to talk about abstract ideas or real facts? There' s nothing more powerful than making something "real" to bring everyone together.

So, in order to make your corporate culture come alive in video, don't hesitate to anchor it in reality and in the daily work environment of your teams and managers: performance, events, meetings, Q&A... Your goal? Make your culture concrete, real and alive!

Newsletter video, corporate movie about new products or business reports: all of these formats can convey your corporate culture!


Approach n°3: Humanize the corporate culture

Video also humanizes your corporate culture.


We believe that authenticity is what makes a successful communication video.

If your message is embodied by your collaborators, it will always be more meaningful. Remember that a humanized corporate culture is likely to foster recognition and has an effect on the feelings of your collaborators. It will also naturally develop your ambassadorship, also known as employer advocacy, meaning the communication of your company by your own collaborators! The message will be perceived as honest by applicants or newcomers.


As cunning as a fox 🦊
"Why do I like my job" ( job presentation), "Focus on ..." (job tutorial), "Fast & Curious" Konbini like (team presentation): possibilities are endless to talk about your corporate culture in video. Come knock on the door of the Storyfox burrow to learn more!


Approach n°4 : Transmit the company's core values

Video displays your company's core values in a powerful way.


What could be more logical for a company than highlighting its values?

Talking about your corporate culture also involves emphasizing your engagement towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or towards innovative management strategies.

Don't be afraid of showing your values: they constitute a real asset for young talents: 92% of the 15-25 year olds state that they want to work with a company with the same values as them. For the Z Generation, professional life has to mean something (according to a Jam study).

Don't be fake: stay authentic and realistic, and you'll be much more effective. To do so, polish the details: the right angle, the right tone, the right message. A CSR interview or a compliance training video will be excellent tools for spreading the values that drive your internal culture.


Approach n°5 : Embody the company's guidelines

By embodying your company's vision, video makes your message more memorable.


What do you think, in 2021, of an executive taking the floor to introduce his/her company's vision? Video is perfect for giving a meaning to your corporate culture.

Using a video such as the "word from the president" or an interview with a new manager will give your message more substance. There's no need to snoop around, as there is no secret: a leader must be an example to unite his or her collaborators around a common culture!


As cunning as a fox 🦊
Get to know me, corporate video, immersion : be creative! Take the time to choose the format that will be the best for your corporate culture!


Approach n°6 : Onboarding video to welcome new collaborators

The onboarding video is the best way to welcome new collaborators to your company.


Do you remember your very first day at the company? Was it a welcoming experience?

Welcoming new collaborators is essential, and corporate videos can play an important role in this process. Making them discover the company culture is a crucial step in their integration to a team, to a culture, and thus allowing them to express all their potential. Especially nowadays, with remote working and social distancing!

Then how do you do it? The interview of a manager will show, for instance, the benevolence of the company towards the freshly recruited talents. At the same time, the presentation of new collaborators explaining their background and their role in the company, will allow their colleagues to discover and identify them by their position and their expertise. So many cunning possibilities!


At Storyfox, we believe that the introduction of a newcomer is always something big.


Approach n°7 : The event video

Video highlights your corporate culture in a different way!


As well as being good community moments, events are also excellent vectors of corporate culture. They bring people together and break out of the solemn office environment. So how about using video to promote your events?

A retrospective video, for example, can be used to look back on the highlights of a seminar or on the bloopers of a team-building day.


As cunning as a fox 🦊

Here at Storyfox, we also suggest you to create your event video instantaneously thanks to our intuitive app, and to broadcast it immediately!

You are now inspired more than ever to spread your corporate culture through video 🎬


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