Recruitment : Video as part of HR strategy

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From job offers, to interviews, including newcomers reception: have you ever realized how much video can improve your recruitment process and your applicants' experience?

At Storyfox, we are convinced that recruitment video can play a key role regarding the ambitions of your HR strategy. Given the advent of employer branding and the appropriation of marketing tools by HR professionals, video has become one of the best means to communicate with applicants and collaborators.

You like the concept, but you don't know where to start? Don't worry, we will share with you all of our Fox secrets on how to use recruitment video in order to achieve your HR goals.


*Source: The State of Video in Talent, 2019




#1 Job offer video
#2 Job presentation video
#3 Employer branding video
#4 Collaborators interview video
#5 Resume video
#6 Interview video
#7 Onboarding collaborator video


#1 Job offer video


More dynamic, more striking, and more personalized than traditional written ads: job offer videos have everything to please and boost the quality of your applications.
What are the goals of a corporate recruitment video? Present the offer, the mission, the stakes and the procedure to follow to apply ... all of this in a dynamic and authentic way. Enough to convince the best talents and even passive applicants. 

Furthermore, it can be personalized to match the message of your recruitment campaign. You can thus go for a recruitment video full of humor, or an innovative one that reflects your corporate culture in order to attract talents that really fit your company's DNA.

🦊 As cunning as a fox: You don't know how to present your job offer in video? Come and have a look at our burrow, you'll find the video template that will help you highlight your ideas.


Recruitment video is the ultimate tool for standing out in the jungle of job offers.

#2 Job presentation video


Would you like to spice up your HR contents? Here's a cunning idea, especially when you consider that 80% of recruitment specialists believe that video can increase the amount of applications*.
Immersive and personal, a job presentation video is an excellent tool to use in your recruitment strategy. It not only allows you to contextualize the missions, but it also makes the future applicants want to apply to your company by being transparent.

From interview videos to corporate immersion, choose the format that works best for you, with Storyfox.

*Source : The State of Video in Talent, 2019


 Example of a job presentation video created by Nexeo Group




#3 Employer branding video


Did you know that employer branding was an essential lever in your recruitment strategy? According to a study, 93% of applicants have watched an employer branding video in order to learn more about a company*.

For this purpose, videos are never too much: just take a look at the best employer branding videos.
An employer branding video gives you the opportunity to introduce the employer company and its core values, but it can also be used to stand out from the competition and attract the best talents.
These aspects are now a must, since 88% of millennials need to be able to relate to their company's culture**.


*Source : The State of Video in Talent, 2019
**Source : 10 reasons why employer branding is important, LinkHumans


A company that thanks its collaborators:
we appreciate it in the fox's burrow!



#4 Collaborators interview video


To be honest: Is there any more reliable speech than a collaborator's one?
Instead of impersonal speeches, the collaborator interview allows you to speak freely and to build a bond of trust with your potential applicants. By humanizing your company, you can even make it easier for them to imagine themselves into it.
At Storyfox, we believe that a collaborator's testimony is more likely to prove that the company cares about the well-being of its employees at work, than a long and solemn speech. The best way to foster loyalty among your best collaborators is to ask them to convey your company's values in a video.
A collaborator feedback or a business interview are among the best video formats you can create to boost your HR video strategy.

🦊 As cunning as fox:
Just like most of the executive applicants, you would also like to see your manager in video before applying online? Storyfox can help you create an interview video of your manager in just a few minutes.



Here at the Fox family, we love the "collaborator portrait" format.
Here's an example of a Welcome to the Jungle style, MWM recruitment video!



#5 Resume video


Original and striking, resume videos are becoming more and more popular!
Applicants who choose to use video to apply for jobs often do so in order to stand out in an ultra-competitive environment.
However, there are a few rules to know about this recruitment tool. Resume video must :
- Introduce concisely an applicant's profile (Recruiters generally spend 11 seconds on a written resume.*)
- Be creative and show the applicant's ease speaking;
- Give the written CV a little extra: it should not be sent on its own, otherwise it will be ignored by the automatic sorting process carried out by HR software.

The idea is to encourage applicants to distinguish themselves from the others. Perfect for innovative companies.


*Source: TechnoGénie

The best way to see beyond the usual formulas of a written resume
and motivation letter is to make a resume video.



#6 Interview video


Remember, video interviewing is not just a fallback solution for sanitary crises.

At Storyfox, we are convinced that the benefits of a video interview are numerous.
You have been sent interesting resumes and would like to know more about the applicants while avoiding any waste of time? Send the applicants an interview video template that includes common questions, such as: "Why are you interested in our company? ". Then, the applicants will only have to answer by filming themself in front of their smartphone.
When it is properly carried out, video interviews allow you to pre-select applicants and let them show their qualities.
Good news! Storyfox can provide you with the custom-made solution you need.

🦊 As cunning as a fox: Video interviews should remain as professional as physical ones. So beware of shocking (and somewhat inappropriate) details: avoid being delivered a meal in the middle of an interview.



#7 Onboarding collaborator video


You are welcoming new collaborators? Show them that they are welcome!
It will contribute to the creation of real human links within the company, even during remote working periods.
We suggest that you make an onboarding video based on a colleague's testimony providing advice, or based on a presentation of the company's teams. And why not ask the newcomers to introduce themselves via a video? This will be a great way to break the ice.


Here at the Fox family, we think that a warm reception is essential for integration.



🦊 As cunning as a fox: Remember that satisfied collaborators are excellent ambassadors for the company. So let them share their experiences through a video: this employer advocacy method will definitely boost your employer branding.



Interested in making your own videos for your HR strategy?
Download this great guide below 👇




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