Video : your best ally in employer branding communication

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93%: This is the percentage of people who have watched an employer branding video in order to learn more about a company. Pretty impressive, right? At Storyfox, we believe that an attractive employer branding communication is one of the secrets behind the success of recruiting the best applicants and talents. You will read the 8 reasons why you should use video in your employer branding strategy.


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Part 1 : Employer branding communication : what is it?
Part 2 : Video : best format for your employer branding communication?

-       Video humanizes your communication
-       Video is different
-       Video is viral
-       Video is flexible
-       Video has become easy to make
-       Video is accessible
-       Video : source of information
-       Video attracts and retains the (best) talent


Employer branding communication : what is it?

Basically, employer branding refers to the identity of a company, its internal and external image. But "what is the purpose of employer branding communication?". It is not only useful to present your image, your values, your corporate culture and your HR practices, it also strengthens your reputation towards different people: mainly applicants and employees, but also institutions, partners and even customers and service providers. Working with a company that has a positive image is always better. It is therefore an important lever for your reputation!


Video : best format for your employer branding communication?

Here are 8 reasons why video is your best ally in your employer communication:

Video humanizes your communication

Now let me ask you, if you were a potential applicant, what type of content would you like to see the most?

A. An exhaustive list of the company's core values;
B. A testimony video from a collaborator explaining the reasons why he/she chose to work for this company.


B, right?

According to a study made in 2019*, 68% of people believe that collaborators are the most reliable when it comes to talking about their company and the benefits offered to its employees. As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a billion, perfect to make applicants want to apply for a job! There is only one rule: focus on transparency and authenticity. You don't want to mess around when it comes to attracting and retaining talented people!

Source : The State of Video in Talent 2019


Video is different

Démarquez-vous ! Votre entreprise possède sa propre raison d’être : elle mérite donc d’avoir sa propre identité.
« La vidéo est devenue l'un des outils les plus puissants dans l'arsenal des marketeurs [...] car ils utilisent des formats de plus en plus créatifs afin d'engager un public de professionnels » explique Prune Nouvion, Directrice Commerciale de LinkedIn Marketing Solutions en France. Une vidéo marque employeur est différenciante à partir du moment où elle ne ressemble qu’à vous. Choix esthétiques, rythme, tonalité, angle de vue : la vidéo est créative par essence.

"Video has become one of the most powerful tools for marketers [...] as they are using more and more creative formats to engage a professional audience" said Prune Nouvion, former Sales Director at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions France. An employer branding video stands out as long as it reflects your company's identity. Aesthetic, rhythm, tone, perspective: video is inherently creative.

In the Foxes' burrow, we love this video made by Mazars:

Mazars’ employer branding video campaign « Nobody’s perfect »



Video is viral

Did you know that a video is 6 times more likely to be retweeted than a picture? Pretty cool if you want to boost your employer branding communication, right? Emotional vector, it significantly attracts Internet users' attention. According to a 2019 Semrush study, a video campaign can generate up to 50% more engagement on LinkedIn. An impressive and authentic video will receive a lot of comments and will be shared by users. What's better than letting the audience make your video viral ?


"If you want to shine on social networks and increase the visibility of your employer branding video, use the proper format! Portrait for Instagram or TikTok stories, landscape for YouTube, or even square to break corporate videos' rules.” 
Gary C., Art Directeur




Video is flexible


Indeed, video can be used to promote every single aspect of your employer branding, including employees' testimonies, job offers, feedback, collaborators onboarding... and more. Video is perfect when it comes to communicating about your employer branding.
If you want to learn more about our employer branding templates, click here.

“Bonsoirs” Instagram stories, “Chez nous” category
Team presentation with a smartphone : even more authentic!

        Détails du fichier marque-employeur-stories-instagram-min          marque-employeur-stories-instagram1-min




Video has become easy to make

From now on, everyone can make their own video. You can produce a high quality movie with your smartphone just like the one above, and create an original corporate movie in just a few finger slides. Just what you need to develop an employer brand communication as realistic as possible: less theatrical, more transparent. In a word, a trendy communication able of speaking to a generation looking for a true sense of work, in order to stand out in the battle for new talents and best applicants.



Video is accessible

On your smartphone, tablet, or even on your computer, video is everywhere. Watching a presentation of a company project? You can do it on the subway! Watching a Konbini-like video interview of a collaborator? Just what you need to enliven your coffee break with colleagues! Video is part of our daily social life and connects us, even when we are not working. So what could be better than video to strengthen the values of employer branding?


Video : source of information

Sharing information through corporate videos is more interactive and appealing than a mere article. Whether you go for solemn, funny, original or corporate, video will always convey clear and precise information about your company. A bold and cunning way to communicate the details about your employer branding in a different way.

Example of a Starbucks informative video on their CSR policy.
An issue that is becoming more and more important for applicants

Starbucks Commitment towards Puerto Rico 



Video attracts and retains the (best) talent

Perhaps, like 67% of recruiters working for big companies, you are facing recruitment difficulties? In order to boost your company's image and attract the best applicants (especially millennials), video is one of the most effective solutions for humanizing your employer branding communication.



As cunning as a fox 🦊
“The more you create authentic videos, such as collaborators' testimonies, the more you will be able to retain your precious talents.These videos will become your ambassadors!
A company attracts (and retains) talent that shares its identity. Always remember that!”




Source :
Source :
*State of Video in Talent, study by Social Talent et Video my Job, 2019


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