Which tripod should you choose for your smartphone?

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Taking pictures and videos with your smartphone is part of our daily lives. The fact that professional video contents are growing on the Internet, whether it is for advertising or informing, proves it.

However, smartphones' integrated cameras have some shortcomings, such as video stability, that reduce the quality and fluidity of the video. But when recording an interview or an HR video (for example), quality must be good to ensure a professional image and a pleasant watching experience. Thankfully, there are accessories to overcome this problem and to ensure a stable, sharp and well-framed video recording.

In this article, we will therefore take a look at the best tripods brands, and see which ones are the most relevant depending on the different needs you might have. Here is our selection that will turn you into the future Spielberg of HR video!



Octopus tripod

Hitchy tripod

Manfrotto Pixi tripod

What we recommend


Octopus tripod: the creative adventurer (15€)

    • Cheap

    • Flexible base that can be adapted to any type of support and surface

    • Remote activation

    • Manufacturing quality (mostly made out of metal)

    Perfect for the most creative ones! Indeed, because it is flexible, you will be able to take shots in unusual locations and bring a little touch of authenticity to your videos. Moreover, thanks to its Bluetooth remote control, you will be able to start recording remotely.

  • Trépied tripod octopus

Hitchy tripod: the expandable one (25€)

    • Aluminum finish
    • Light
    • Expandable (up to 1m30 high when unfolded)
    • 360° horizontal and 90° vertical head rotation

    This tripod shines by its compact size and its height once unfolded. Framing will be optimized by the presence of a spirit level on top of the tripod. There are several sizes available on Amazon in order to perfectly match your needs. Its quality is guaranteed by its aluminum alloy design, providing both strength and lightness.

  • Trépied Hitchy

Manfrotto Pixi tripod: the discreet one (35 €)

    • Can be adjusted to any size of smartphone
    • Can also be used for a professional camera
    • Compact

    For those who have small bags or who do not have a travel case to carry their camera equipment: this tripod is for you.

    Measuring less than 20 cm, it will easily slip into your bag.

    its design is pretty stylish (just like your shots 😉 ).

  • Trépied Manfrotto Pixi

What we recommend

If you feel like an artist and want to create a video with original framing possibilities, we suggest the Octopus Tripod. If your bag doesn't have much room, we recommend the Hitchy tripod, which is both compact and large when unfolded. And for those of you who have a smaller set-up space, the Manfrotto Pixi tripod is the one you need!

Nowadays, using a tripod is essential if you want to make a professional video with your phone. Random supports and video quality are not a good match.

Filming is just the first step, and there are many more steps involved in the creation of your video.

That's why we have created Storyfox: to simplify the production of these videos.

Whether it's for promotional or internal communication purposes, Storyfox provides you with templates that reflect your needs and your company. You can now make videos, quickly and easily, with your phone.
For further details, please check out the following article on how to use the Storyfox app: it's right here!


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